WOMOlife stands for Work wise, Move wise. At the core of WOMOlife is the philosophy 'work wise, move wise for a longer, more sustainable career'.

Our vision is for a new model of vocational training in New Zealand that includes moving and working in a way which is performance enhancing. 

WOMOlife online training courses are supported by residential training days in the wool shed with industry-recognised trainers. The combination of online learning and wool shed training promotes faster learning, faster skills growth, increased confidence, and better productivity.

In addition, WOMOlife evaluates movement patterns and identifies warning signs to reduce the risk and potential of injury.

We believe our approach will improve the understanding of health and fitness requirements when working in the wool harvesting industry.

Introducing WOMOlife presenters:

Laura Hancock

Nathan Stratford

Carmen Smith

Jeremy Goodger

WOMOlife and Kaiaka

Fully Funded Training for Wool Harvesting

In December 2020, WOMOlife was appointed by Kaiaka Wool Industry Training NZ to deliver a pilot wool harvesting training programme, recruiting and and training up to 270 early career and new industry participants over the following 18 months, in particular in the regions of Hawkes Bay, Gisborne, Southland and Otago.

Shearers and Wool Handlers - Upskill

WOMOlife's courses are for shearers and wool handlers who are already working in the industry and want the opportunity to upskill. Trainees have access to online content and then get together in the wool shed for training and assessments.

Courses cover so much more than shearing and wool handling skills in the sheds, and include discussions and learnings on how to move well, how to look after your mental and physical self, how to read your pay slip, and so much more.

To apply or for more information, head to alifeinwool.nz

New entrant and beginner courses

For shed hands, pressers, shepherds etc who are keen to upskill to become shearers or wool handlers, we’re running beginner shearing and wool handling training courses from September 2021, along with pressing and crutching courses for new entrants.

Course numbers will be limited.

To apply or for more information, head to alifeinwool.nz

Demo Video

Check out one of our online training videos. All videos are bite-size (1 - 6 minutes long) and can be watched any time, any where, on any device, as long as there's good connectivity.